David Bowie’s Swan Song – Blackstar

After less than a couple of hours to reflect on the majesty that was David Bowie, to be sat here typing a review. This was Bowie’s final release in his lifetime (by 2 days) Blackstar,…

Foo Fighters Reign at the National Bowl

Anticipation had rang out over the UK for the return of the Foo Fighters. Planned to headline Glastonbury this year plus two dates originally scheduled for Wembley Stadium in June, fans were left disappointed at the…

Tony Banks – A Chord Too Far

A Chord Too Far is the long awaited 4 CD deluxe box set comprising 48 tracks spanning seven solo albums and two orchestral albums, all personally selected by Tony Banks. Tracks have been remixed exclusively for…

Steve Hackett – The Man, The Music

Despite his solo success and work within Genesis, Steve Hackett has yet to have an official documentary about his career made. This glaring oversight has now been amended with this new production Steve Hackett – The Man, The Music. A documentary several years in the making, it comprises a 40 year career and personal life into just over 2 hours and 20 minutes. With an arsenal of musicians and peers including, with a lot of new interviews, the documentary aims to be a definitive biography on film.

A Selection of Shows, Genesis & Solo – Book Review

This book from the blurb states it will cover Genesis shows post 1975 from the Trick of the Tail tour onwards, as well as the solo careers of the various official members. It specifically states it will “document the hundreds of rare recordings that documents Genesis in its natural environment.” It implies that it will pick up the story from where Paul Russell left off with his 2004 book “Play Me My Song”.