Noise Galleri – Dark Trap & House From the British Trio

Dark and gloomy Hip Hop gets a new face with the trio from Britain. Noise Galleri comprises of brothers Raf and Greg, with vocalist Ana coming together to produce some exciting new tunes that are heavy on the sub.

Having worked with artists such as Jessie J and Rhianna as part of studio sessions, Noise Galleri are preparing to make their big move as their own act.

First track here is The 64th, is a monolithic combination of murky saw waves, subtle whoops and little layers. The lead line sits on the backbench throughout making room of the low slow release kick to shake the floor. It ends a bit too premature and is a little worn out these days, but production wise its great.

Second track Spin is a more direct House track sitting on the wave of retro 90s House tunes and the new wave of Deep House. Ana’s vocals are more prominent in driving the track on its progression. The mix of side-chained pads, rising white noise, jazz tinged organ, and detroit synth bass is a classic combination. Nevertheless the production is tight, well mixed and while not promising anything ridiculously exciting it would definitely bring a dance floor to life.

If the trio keep at it they could forge their own unique take on the current dance scene and move things on. Every time things get a little stagnant it takes one big tune to rewrite the rules, and Noise Galleri could definitely be on that cusp.