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To contact the Editor please send your email to

To contact the Webmaster please send your email to

If you wish to mail us any of your own contributions then we would greatly appreciate your time and effort. If you are wishing to promote an artist(s) then please feel free to email us as well! We are happy to hear new music from bands and artists of all genres!

Please bear in mind we are human and so any correspondence might take us here at TEJ at least 48hrs to read and respond to. In light of this we aim to be as prompt with our response to your correspondence as possible.

Please note: We retain the right not to respond to any correspondence that we deem silly, inane or frankly absurd. However, don’t fear to be a bit Python-esque.

We also have a Twitter Feed:!/TheEvilJam

And a Facebook Page:

2 Comments on "Contact Us"

  1. I need help can you give me a direct contactable way of sending one message to ron pope as he is the only one now who can save my relationship. Our song is one of his and i am a reck without her please if there is a heart in this world please help me.

    Much hopefully
    David hobden.

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