Gorge! Summer Edition (Glass Animals, Cahoots, Chris Marshall, Electric Litany, Opal Onyx)

Been a bit slow on here lately, well that’s no excuse for a random Gorge! playlist of songs. Here’s a selection crafted for the end of Summer.

First up, the big band I’m championing at the moment: Glass Animals. Whilst I wait with bated breath for a fully fledged follow-up to their excellent Zaba, they have released a new track ‘Gold Lime’. Deciding to do a Glass Animals esque cover they decided they would do a track inspired by New York, yet accidentally couldn’t decide to do just one. It’s actually a mashup of two different songs (Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Gold Lion and Erkyah Badu’s The Healerwith a distinct Glass Animals vibe. Also huge appreciation to the cover art for the track. As it’s being used to promote their overseas stop in America it resembles a stamp a little, with wonderful colours and simple design.


Visit glassanimals.eu/

Days have moved on from adverts in melody maker or school formed bands. Youtube collective Cahoots were all relatively well-known names individually, however they formed after meeting up at a YouTube convention and have started a career. Their songs are a slice of indie folk and pop, and whilst not my cup of tea deserve a shoutout. Here’s their appropriately titled summer release Summerclothes.

Like them on Facebook @ facebook.com/CahootsBand 

Chris Marshall and The August Light released their latest album back in June, one of the tracks I enjoyed was These Days. It features a double lead vocal track throughout with a rather interesting mixing idea. Most songs stick the vocals dead centre and everything spreads outwards from their. However, These Days has each vocal tilted to each side and the rest of the track punch through the center, it is slightly unsettling. A slow paced song, with reverberated guitars, screeching seagull like synths. Hopefully I’ll finish my review on the album and stick that up soon.

Electric Litany have a huge fan in one Alan Parsons. The recording engineer and studio mastermind has championed the group so much that he even helped produce their latest album. One track off it that got my attention quickly is Feather of Ecstacy that evokes the 80s droog sound with a touch of PVT. Review of their album Enduring Days You Will Overcome coming soon.

Visit electriclitany.com/

Finally comes Cleveland act Opal Onyx. Signed to the Coventry label ‘Tin Angel Records’. The group released their last efforts a little while back and they are heading back into the studio now they have finished their European tour. ‘Fruit of Her Loins’ is a soothing cave of folding and collapsing drones with sudden Annie Lennox-esque belting in the middle. It’s gothic tapestry with synths, reverbs and lots of watering space.

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