Rage Against The Machine – Finsbury Park Gets Official Release

Five years ago (almost six), Jon Morter and then wife Tracey decided that they were sick of hearing X Factor winners as Christmas number one. The previous year they had campaigned to get the Rick Astley to number 1 but it was not successful. In 2009 the overwhelming support for Rage Against the Machine’s Killing in the Name caused shock waves breaking the monotony of X Factor cover versions reaching the top of the charts.

The band were so overwhelmed with the achievement and unity of fans, that they promised to host a free concert as a thank you to those who respected the music and message. The gig in 2010 at Finsbury park was caught on film by a professional crew including Fight Club cinematographer **

Five years on the footage is being released on home media on September 11th. The entire concert is presented in stunning high energy editing and directing, accompanied with surround sound, and some bonus interviews about the filming of the show as well as the Christmas campaign.

Watch the live footage of Killing in the Name below.


  1.  Testify
  2. Bombtrack
  3. People Of The Sun
  4. Know Your Enemy
  5. Bulls On Parade
  6. Township Rebellion
  7. Bullet In The Head
  8. White Riot
  9. Guerrilla Radio
  10. Sleep Now In The Fire
  11. Freedom
  12. Killing In The Name

The band are currently on a hiatus and haven’t released an album of original material for almost two decades. The members have had several projects in between including One Day As a Lion and Audioslave. After such a successful campaign Jon Morter has gone on to host other campaigns and help Mick Jones from The Clash and others as part of the Justice Collective/Peace Collective.

Source: Official Eagle Rock Press Release

Article Correction: The article incorrectly stated that Jon lead a similar campaign to get the Clash to number 1. (Thanks a bunch Jon!)