News: New Ritchie Blackmore Documentary, Dave Grohl is Awesome Again, Stevie Wonder Adds Final Dates

Deep Purple, Rainbow, and Blackmore fans in general can celebrate the news that Ritchie Blackmore has contributed to a new documentary about his entire career and life coming out on home media in Autumn. Currently titled ‘Uneasy Rider, The Talented Mr Blackmore’ the documentary is a first for fans.

Produced by Eagle Rock, the documentary is a 2 hour look at Ritchie’s highs and lows in his career as well as his personality. The film will feature clips from his peers, journalists, band members, celebrity fans and a whole host of others. Ritchie himself sat down for two interviews during the production that began almost a year ago in development. The rarity of Ritchie agreeing to take part makes this a sure-fire buy for hardcore Deep Purple and Rainbow fans. A man known for his tumultuous relationships, pranks, hats, and fiery guitar, Ritchie is sometimes forgotten as the great guitarist he is. The amount of famous fans he can count, Lars Ulrich, Gene Simmons, Brian May amongst many others is impressive.

The news was first spotted by a BBFC classification page made at the start of August confirming it is to be given a 15 rating as well as a mention on the Blackmore Night’s website.

Dave Grohl has proved a lot this year alone why he is looked up to like the legitimate rock god that he is, and he did it again this week. After spotting an inebriated man getting a little weepy eyed during the classic My Hero, Grohl pulled the guy up on stage and sang to the swaying intoxicated Foo fan directly. The video below.

If you’re a North American resident you’ll be able to get one last chance to scramble for tickets to see Stevie Wonder perform his Songs in the Key of Life album in full. The tour originally started in March proved popular, and Wonder has agreed to do an extra 20 dates on the North American soil for fans who missed the first leg of the tour. However, in a statement these dates were declared as the last time to be able to see the terrific 1976 smash album in full. Tickets on sale 21st August.

Apple’s yearly London (and now Miami) based festival seemed to be have been either called off or put back as acts are typically announced in June/July. The delay however may have been a rebranding situation as iTunes festival is now called Apple Music Festival and also is reduced to a 10 date event instead of a month long event. The reasoning behind this is unclear as the previous years have been immensely successful and popular. Tickets are free albeit distributed through a randomised ballot raffle scheme so you have to sign up to essentially win tickets. Acts so far announced are more pop than a mixture like previous years. They include: One Direction, Disclosure, Pharrell Williams, and Florence and the Machine.



Stevie Wonder announces final Songs in the Key of Life Tour dates

Dave Grohl sees a man crying in the audience and proceeds to be awesome to him. from videos