Sananda Maitreya’s New Album ‘The Rise of the Zugebrian Time Lords’ out in October

Sananda Maitreya releases his new double concept album on October 9th in the UK. Called THE RISE OF THE ZUGEBRIAN TIME LORDS the album, like previous recent works, has already been released periodically online through the chapters that make up the story.

Lead single from the body of work is Blanket On The Ground (listen below), comes from the album self-described by Sananda as a ‘post millennium rock’. It follows from his previous epic concept album Return to Zooathalon in 2013 continuing the saga. “I’m now in a position where I can follow my imagination…” Sananda says in an interview with Tom Rhodes. The complex work is a gargantuan story and blend of instrumentation. The length and detail of the work is perfectly described by Tom Rhodes as a ‘saga’.

Sananda Maitreya (the name legally adopted by the artist who was formerly known as Terrence Trent D’arby) composed, arranged and worked on the album in Milan. Comprising of 24 original tracks and 3 covers (of which all are the Beatles). Here’s the interview with Sananda and Tom Rhodes discussing the project.

Visit his website for more information on the project

Source: Deacon Communications and Music Crown