Dear Janet – An excellent mix of Janet Jackson covers

In a perfect moment of universal synchronicity we were greeted by the official release of the new Janet Jackson album as well as a multi-artist tribute album spanning her career.

Released by Tin Angel Records and brainchild of Jan Lankisch, this album highlights Janet’s impressive career of songs in a quirky tribute.

From local Coventry bands to worldwide touring giants, the album is a mixture of alternate rock tinged inspired takes as well as faithful reconstructions combined with a fresh twist. Starting with the classic 80s Pleasure Principle reworked into a simple piano and vocals ballad. Albert McCloud manages to breath new life into Black Cat, making it swagger with a relaxed yet forceful beat. The reed instrument combination with balanced vocals really work well.

Global stars Tune-Yards and Merrill join forces with Naytronix to create a stripped back funk of the female empowering tune of What Have You Done For Me Lately. With a smattering of the saxes reminiscent from Tune-Yards second release WHOKILL it manages to perfectly update a song that is in danger of sounding too 80s. Batsch take on Together Again, combining the 90s anthem with a Dutch Uncles meets Hot Chip brilliance.

A project in development for over 7 years, it totals 17 of Janet’s most famous tracks. There are a few small exclusions; the duet with her brother unfortunately being one example. Nevertheless, it is an interesting project with many genres represented.

Listen below, and buy a digital copy for £8 and a physical release for £20 (to be released in December).

You can find out more about Tin Angel records here