News Roundup: Flying Lotus Score For Short Film, Deadweather Start Instrument Series, Beatles 1 Collection Is Expanded

LA producer Flying Lotus recently helped produce a score and soundtrack for a short film by Eddie Alcazar. Titled FUCKKYOUUU the time travel and body horror film sounds like a perfect accompaniment for some of Flying Lotus’ recent work that has taken on a mysterious jazz and thriller vibe, equally through the official music videos.

The short film meets Lotus music video will be screened at Austin’s Fantastic Fest. The 16mm shot 8 minute piece was previously screened at Sundance. Hopefully it’ll be available for purchase or viewing online shortly, in the meantime fans will have to go to these screenings to get a look.

Deadweather have returned with a new album; Dodge and Burn, and to celebrate this have come up with a new series showcasing the band’s sound and doing some instrument demonstrations. It’s quite a treat for fans of the band. The first amusing clip features drummer Jack White explaining why he thinks the drums are the most important part to the Dead Weather sound and doing a run down of the kit used. At the end is a live take of debut album opener Hang Me From The Heavens.

They also treated their close friend Stephen Colbert by appearing on the show. The performance is probably only one of a handful after Jack White announced earlier in the year he’d be taking an extended touring hiatus. It is possibly one of a handful of live performances of material from Dodge and Burn that’ll be performed live for at least a good year.

Upon release it became the fastest selling album of all time, The Beatles 1 is to be re-released 15 years later in a multitude of formats. Dubbed 1+ the new version features the remastered recordings, DVD versions of performances, surround sound of all 27 tracks and loads of other goodies.

Another video includes a comparison between the unrestored footage (although in higher quality than most had probably seen it previously) and the newly restored footage for Penny Lane. They also uploaded a clip of Strawberry Fields in its new rescanned, restored, HD glory (albeit compressed YouTube quality). It really demonstrates how beautiful the original footage was when shot and how it could reignite and interest young music lovers.

Also available are deluxe editions which include 23 new videos, a mixture of alternate takes and unreleased rare material. The restoration on the audio and video was undertaken by a team of 18 looking deep within broadcasting vaults as well as The Beatles vaults. Full track listing and details on the various versions are available at the Beatles website.

The deluxe Blu-Ray edition of 1+ is available for Pre Order at £40 from The Beatles Store.