Are Daft Punk Working on a New “House” Album?

The cat might be out the bag on this one. Paul Johnson, one of the biggest Daft Punk influences and a good pal (they used to DJ a lot in the early years) may have revealed the exciting news on Facebook comment thread.

The Chicago House producer mentioned that the duo are “making a house album”. See the original image below. The comments originally stem back from February of this year, so it is possible the project has stepped up and it might be closer than we think. The comment made under a picture posted by Paul Johnson displaying a poster for a Daft Punk/Paul Johnson show from many years back.


Here’s the original Reddit thread by the user iwaskylester101

The news was also picked up by Daft Punk fan blog ‘’ and I agree that the news should be taken lightly, yet it does also make sense. Considering the mammoth project Random Access Memories became, it might be nice for the duo to start work on a simpler, direct, heavy album. 2017 would be 20 years since the first Alive Tour, and the album preceded the last Alive Tour was Human After All: an album so repetitive and fundamental it was frustrating. Nevertheless, when critics witnessed the live show it made sense what the group were doing on the album. They had created links and loops they could pull in to blend and segue from one track to another. Discovery and RAM were equally ambitious and varying, so it would make sense to have something that could unify them for any future live shows. Perhaps it will be sooner than later? *Cough* Glastonbury *Cough*

One can dream.

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