Maiians New Single and Video

Keyboard synths, guitar, bass, double drums, an obsession with electronica fused with live performance, and a touch of 80s New Romantic. These are the chemicals that combined created the Oxford based 5 piece Maiians. A young group who’s new single shakes a fist to Four Tet, PVT, Mogwai. The new single follows the release of their Tokyo EP

The new single is out official on the 20th of April. Combining simple shapes obscuring the band behind, as the shapes shift and pulse in time to the respective instruments, we learn this band are passionate about layering, building, and visual stimulation. The close-ups allow you to focus on the colliding instruments and more importantly focus on the double drums, something that I love bands doing.

Another Maiian song you should listen to is One of Each. The track has a very natural and human groove, galloping and rushing throughout. It is not misleading to compare them to PVT, Portico Quartet, and even Radiohead’s last tour. The group have a very danceable groove, using ostinato to the full.

Find tickets to see them on their current batch of shows here

17/04 – Oxford
18/04 – Reading
21/04 – London