Office Chart – 29th August (These should be called something better)

It has been a while since one of these, but I thought I’d throw up some things I’ve enjoyed recently. And for ease of use, I made a YouTube playlist with them in. (Also might be renaming these things to ‘Playlist Jams’ or something equally stupid and obvious)

  1. Buffallo Springfield – It’s So Hard to Wait (Recently listened to the album, and just enjoyed the track quite a bit)
  2. Hot Chip vs William Oneyeabor – Atomic Bomb (Listened to on Radio 6, as is most of the music I find, and now cannot get enough of this track.)
  3. Owiny Sigoma Band – Nyiduonge Drums (Giles Peterson label signing that confuse Afro-beat and garage bass – as I have probably in this sentence. Genres are hard and confusing.)
  4. Glass Animals  – Toes (Trying to get an interview arranged at some point with these guys as they are my favourite ‘current’ band)
  5. Cypriot Vibez – Girl I Want (Was in the middle of mix a friend sent me and it was a standout ominous track)
  6. Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu – Mystery Spot (Infectious rhythms and a song that made me enjoy sax parts again!)
  7. Flying Lotus – Fall In Love (New album soon, going back through his catalogue and remembered this)
  8. Arcade Fire – We Exist (Easily a great pop track and I was surprised to enjoy them so much)
  9. Michael Jackson – Place With No Name (It would have been the guy’s 56th birthday. New single from lifted from the album, with my review here.
  10. Kate Bush – Among Angels (Returning wonder woman, she played this on the first night of her Apollo stint)