Kate Bush return, Richard Walters Subscription album, Marianne Faithfull, and More

In what is the most discussed event of the year so far, Kate Bush has returned to the stage in a shroud of secrecy. Nobody was certain of what would be performed, or exactly how. Some assumptions were made wisely, and others not so. According to reports, the show started off with a moderate blasting of tracks with little embellishment. However, things took a turn when the expected ‘Ninth Wave’ segment from Hounds of Love was performed in full with theatrical performance that rivalled Pink Floyd’s The Wall for conceptually ambition and success. Also performed was the Sky of Honey suite from 2005’s Aerial. For hard-core fans then, Kate definitely went all out and made sure to do material that had not been seen before. For casual fans, they might have been left a little underwhelmed due to a lack of ‘obvious’ hits being included, for better or for worse. Personally, for better. I’d rather see Kate gathering an eclectic group together for a set of shows doing something truly unique and special for the hard core fans, than catering for those who only know her from Wuthering Heights. Many thanks to Ken Mckay/Nobel & Bright for the photo.

Richard Walters today announced a ‘Subscription album’ titled ‘Field Recordings’. The principal is you sign up and pay £16 for a track a month, for a year. The track’s will be recorded wherever Richard is in the world at the time and will be downloadable only, with a PDF with exclusive photos, stories and other bits in support of each track. The album will not be released outside of the project and will unavailable for streaming either Visit www.richardwaltersmusic.com for a more detailed press release and the chance to subscribe. Subscription is between now and September 30th.

Marianne Faithfull has released the official video for ‘Sparrow’s Will Sing’ (written by one Roger Waters). Taken from the new album ‘Give My Love To London’, the 20th album of a career spanning 50 years this year. The slice of 21st Century commentary is available with the rest of the album on the 29th September. Find out more at her website and Facebook page www.mariannefaithfull.org.uk / www.facebook.com/MarianneFaithfullOfficial 

Slightly later on the news, Flying Lotus has announced his new album is coming in October. Titled ‘You’re Dead’, the album expands on his previous groundbreaking piece, with Herbie Hancock (amongst others) making a guest appearance. On Saturday he unveiled a snippet of the track on the Giles Peterson show which you can listen to here. https://soundcloud.com/bbc6music/flying-lotus-gives-gilles-peterson-first-ever-play-of-his-new-single

Other small news gatherings:

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