New Releases

It’s been a while since we did one of these, so we’ll cover some recently released and some new things.

Pink Floyd’s final album was released the other day and became one of the fastest selling albums of the year. Haven’t heard about it somehow or want to buy it click below. (That is the blu ray/cd edition of the album)

A documentary production by the BBC & Eagle Rock, Genesis: Sum of the Parts is a show that reunites the 5 man line up of the group since 1982. Whilst there has been some open criticising, it has some moments of brilliance.

Billy Idol has been working on a memoir of his life, it looks like it could be a fascinating read (possibly a counter to the Jon Lydon book that came out earlier in the year) – hard cover of Amazon £11

Also joining the fold of Ghost written auto biogs this Christmas market, is Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. It might be worth getting a scrouge of Billy, Lydon, and Page and comparing to see whose book is best.
 Now here’s a slighly different biography, instead about a guitar. But not any guitar, Brian May’s Red Special. Everyone knows the story of how he built the guitar with his Dad out of a fireplace, but that guitar has travelled EVERYWHERE with Brian. In that book bio battle, I am thinking the guitar might actually win.
Another Eagle Rock release is the Blu Ray collection of Rush concerts. Featuring 6 discs of shows, it is a staggering present for any Rush fan, believe us on that.