NRUOTD: Adele, Bjork, Pulp and more.

NRUOTD: News Round Up Of The Day

Adele has had to cancel tour dates due to apparent sickness. The latest singer to rise to the mainstream audience has come under illness and has been forced to cancel the rest of her tour.

Pulp’s reunion may be a tad short lived. During the Electric Picnic show, lead singer Jarvis Cocker announced “…This is the last gig of the tour, so if we start crying or get emotional, you’ll understand.” at the onset of the concert. Later on he tooted down the microphone, “This may be the last time we’re ever all on stage together again,” followed by “Our paths may cross again”. To be fair, they released their first album back in 1985, so a reunion once and now is probably the best thing for a band like Pulp. No official statement has been released from the band or the management so it could just be a throwaway comment taken slightly out of context.

Bjork has unveiled her new song “Moon” from her upcoming album Bioaphilla. It was released on an app for Apple devices with animations and a few other features. The music is based on a connection to between the cycles of the moon and tides and cycles of music. Have a listen below.

Metallica and Lou Reed’s track list for “Lulu” has been unveiled. Kind of pointless news as it isn’t the actual album, but the anguish that Metallica might do something else poured out by some fans is enough of a reason to justify posting it here. It might be worth a listen, something out of the ordinary always does (that does not mean I think it will necessarily be kick ass). Out in stores in November

  1. Brandenburg Gate
  2. The View
  3. Pumping Blood
  4. Mistress Dread
  5. Iced Honey
  6. Cheat On Me
  7. Frustration
  8. Little Dog
  9. Dragon
  10. Junior Dad

Also happy birthday 65th Birthday Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. Which reminds us, apparently a demo version of ‘Money’ and other unreleased beauties as part of the new Pink Floyd box sets will be making appearances on radio some time starting today. Keep an ear out for that.

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  1. Jeez, I remember listening to Pulp back in the 90s when they were big, that they are still going is kinda crazy

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