TEJ Updates: Promos, Interviews, Super Sonic Festival

Just a quick scoop on what we’ve got lined up.
Today we visited Steve Hackett to have a listen to his new album and we also had a chance to interview him about the new album and a few other projects. Once again he was very humble and I can personally say the album was truly brilliant from what we heard. We’ll try and get that up before the month is out!

We also listened to a few songs from the long awaited Steve Hackett and Chris Squire album which we are glad to report will finally be seeing the light of day in terms of releasing it. Big thanks to Steve and Jo!

Whilst we were out interviewing Steve, we received a selection of Promo CD’s from Rarely Unable with a varied arsenal of genres covered! We’ll get round to reviewing as much of those as we can. (Big Thanks to Lauren). I also know there is a promo CD from Australian band The Good Ship coming our way. (Thanks to The Good Ship)

Also, I am hoping to attend Super Sonic Festival (not to be confused with Sonic The Hedgehog in anyway shape or form) in Birmingham during October. It is an alternative festival featuring; music, poetry and much more!

We may add a new series of posts called “TEJ Charts” or something along those lines. Basically a Top 10 of different songs we’ve been listening to. Not necessarily a list of the Top 10 best songs or grading, more so just a playlist.

Sorry News Updates have been slack over the last couple of days, I really didn’t feel like reporting Nickelback related news and did not have the time.