A round up of live shows – 2021 and 2022

Whilst it has been quiet at The Evil Jam, we have been out and about. Here is a roundup of our 2021 / 2022 shows. We have been busy like many people, but here is a brief glimpse into most of the shows we have seen.


Billy Ocean

We actually saw Billy at the BBC Big weekend festival, in Coventry back in 2018. Tonight’s show was better weather wise. Tonight Billy Ocean, was able to structure his set list better and it was  at The Symphony Hall in Birmingham, our favourite local venue on the 19th September, what a show and what a showman.


Genesis intended to reunite with Phil, Mike and Tony… back in 2020, what with Covid affecting the world, it wasn’t until September of 2021, when we did three nights in Birmingham (Utilita), two in Newcastle (Utilita) in 2021, excellent and great to finally see this great band.

Steve Hackett

Always a pleasure seeing Steve, this time around we saw Steve at Carlisle (The Sands centre), Stockton (Globe theatre) and Newcastle (City hall), a great show with a fantastic band on the Seconds Out tour.

Classical Spectacular

Our third or fourth time seeing this show, a great night with pyrotechnics and lighting (at Symphony hall, Birmingham). Watch out for the 1812 overture with canon fire!

Tom Jones 2021

We saw Tom Jones at The Utilita Arena (Birmingham), there was a large crowd of Welsh fans and a mixed age group. The new material was interesting, the classics are indeed classic, performed by the legend that is Tom Jones at 80 years of age.

Glen Millar Orchestra 2021

Our second time watching The Glen Millar Orchestra show, again on the 27th December at The Symphony Hall, Birmingham.


Ross Noble – 6th February 2022

Comedian Ross Noble, gave us all a cerebrally interesting show seemingly without a script. He was able to form a madcap show from the audience’s participation (Symphony Hall, Birmingham).

Simply Red February 2022

A classic night with Simply Red our third outing with Simply Red, a great night fantastic set list (NEC, Birmingham).


With worries earlier in the month owing to damage to the thin roof skin, the shows still went ahead and we were at the 25th and 26th of March 2022 shows (The O2, London), sadly to finally bid farewell to Genesis, Peter Gabriel was in the audience and whilst we all hoped he would join Phil for Carpet Crawlers at the end, it was not to be.

And finally…

Andre Rieu 1st May 2022

This is Andre, with his orchestra walking through the crowd before the show at The NEC, Birmingham. A great matinee show.

A wonderful performance, with a medley at the end including We’ll Meet Again.