Bandcamp Trawl: A look at some recent releases

Every now and again it is good to have a browse and to check my emails for releases by artists from bandcamp. Here’s a collection of recently released tracks embedded for easy pleasure.

Starting off is Croydon producer Deft. A body of work that comprises of a second volume, it features the electronic hip hop that he has nailed to a tee. Overall there is a lot of room for rapper to get involved with the instrumentals, but also the tracks have a lot of mashup promise and slick groove for any car fitted with a ridiculous amount of subs.


Acoustic folk and Rock from Sea Folk. This collection is an intimate affair, lead with some strong composition and songwriting. At a Buy Your Own Price strategy, you can preview the songs below. Particular tracks such as Bergamot Morning,  Visions, and Cedarsmoke show the various places the band stem in their creativity and mix of acoustic guitar, synth elements, cellos and percussion.

The Problem’s album here is priced at $7.99 and is true hip hop, sampled riffs, fast paced rapping. However something about it feels incredibly unique and is easily a great collection of rap tracks.

A single song from San Fran/California from Psychedelic Soul group Con Bro combines Justin Timberlake RnB harmonies with funk licks, soul guitar, and horns to boot. It mixes straight 8/8 with 7/8 and is a great song that sustains interest throughout.

This last one is from 2012, however recently found it among the Staff Picks on Bandcamp. Labelled as ‘World’ music, and it definitely has elements of it, the samba Brazilian feel combined with elements make this album come across as something The Clash would enjoy heavily, if that makes any sense.