Little Matador ‘Stitch Yourself Up’ – Incoming Music and Single Review

Little Matador are gearing up to release their first album on the 21st of April. This collective of ‘indie’* stars; fronted by Snow Patrol’s Nathan Connolly, have toured with Queens of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails, and will soon be touring with Biffy Clyro. First single ‘Stitch Yourself Up’ is a showcase of ‘Rock House’ thumping power. Little Matador’s ‘Stitch Yourself Up’ is swanky disco beat with stacatto chugging guitars,  akin to recent Artic Monkey’s and Queens of the Stone Age releases. With direct and clean instrumentation, the vocals are swarmed in light distortion and rich harmonies and heavy compression. It is sure to be a major rock play for the year and the album is itself stacking up quite nicely.

The video for ‘Stick Yourself Up’ sets the group in a dingy sleaze club, watch it below.

Available on their website is a free download of another track ‘Liar Liar’ (An email address is requested for the download). This track is the lead track from the Liar Liar EP (click the link to listen or the embedded player below), a teaser of the bands upcoming full release. Another thumping rock song, with smooth modern production, the only issue is the band may need to define their sound a little more on the record or face danger or being too similar to other acts and albums at the moment. Whilst it still uses some of the Indie Disco prowess that is in the bands personal history, the use of stacked octaves and sludge guitars turns the songs into head bangers. Our favourite track at the moment is blues fueled Gimme All You Got, with falsetto vocals and hand claps to match.

These tracks will appear on their self titled début release that as before mentioned arrives later this month. The 11 track album follows the recent EP and we will try to review the collection at a later date. The band embark on some more dates soon; listed below.


24th – The Venue, Derby (Radar Love club night)

25th – Cavern Club, Exeter

26th – Louisiana, Bristol

29th – Railway, Winchester


1st – Sound City, Liverpool (Zanzibar club night)

8th – 10th – Q Stage, The Great Escape, Brighton

The bands lineup is:

Nathan Connolly- lead vocals, guitar
Troy Stewart- guitar
Dave Magee- guitar
Gavin Fox- bass
Binzer Brennan- drums

*Hate using that term, but it was the only appropriate one at the time.