Burial Posts a Message, Radiohead Release an App, Neneh Cherry and Robyn Collaboration.

Will bevan, better known as Burial, released a message to counteract recent image hoardings online the other day. A link to that can be found here. The mysterious and elusive producer reiterates his reluctance to tour, and make public appearances. It is something that probably only lends further to the appeal of him.

Also Radiohead released quietly a new app that intended for their 2011 release The King of Limbs. Only 3 years later has it surfaced and it is primarily built around the sounds of the opening track Bloom. It is similar to Bjork’s Biophilia apps in that sense, and as an app is quite pretty and interesting. It is a shame that it has taken 3 years for the release of it though, but it keeps fans interested between albums.

Finally, Neneh Cherry and Robyn have collaborated (and produced by Four Tet) on  this new track.

New reviews and features hopefully, when I have enough free time.