Skunk Anasie – New Album ‘Black Traffic’

Skunk Anasie are releasing a new album entitled ‘Black Traffic’ with the single ‘I Believe You’ out on the 10th September. Black Traffic is out a week after on the 17th.

The Press Release states –

Lyrically, it notes the disappointment many feel about their elected politicians: “I think a lot of people feel let down by their leaders. Everybody wants us to vote, but who for? They all fuck up because eventually it becomes more about keeping their positions of power than elevating the position of their country“. Musically ‘I Believed in You’ is tough driving, un-apologetic female fronted rock and roll.

Skunk Anasie return to the UK & Europe after a successful summer festival season last year including Download, Pukklepop, Lowlands, Pink Pop, Rock En Seine and Heineken Music Festival Italy.

 “Our energy hasn’t changed, but we say things more concisely and we’ve worked out the way to hit harder if we want to. We’ve honed our force-field, our sword goes straight for the heart”

‘Black Traffic’ the band’s follow-up to the critically acclaimed 2010’s Wonderlustre (Number 1 in Italy and Top 20 across most of Europe) was recorded in London and produced by Skunk Anansie and Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, Pixies) and mixed by Jeremy Wheatley and Adrian Bushby.

Here’s the video for the new single.