Flea’s EP is Out Now

Flea (Awesome dude and bassist of Red Hot Chilli Peppers) has released his long awaited debut EP/Album titled ‘Helen Burns’.
It is available via a Pay What You Want Scheme and all proceeds go to the SilverLake Conversatory.

It is ‘mostly instrumental’ according to Flea and it is also something he has had for a while now, as it was recorded back in 2007. All of the songs were written by Flea except for the title track which has a co writing credit with Patti Smith.

You can buy it here: http://silverlakeconservatory.com/helen_burns/ … Available either as a download (FLAC, AIFF or MP3) or a purchasable vinyl version signed by Flea with part of a bass string played by Flea for $75.

The Track list is
1. “333”
2. “Pedestal Of Infamy”
3. “A Little Bit Of Sanity”
4. “Helen Burns”
5. “333 Revisited”
6. “Lovelovelove”