Welcome to 2012

In case you missed the new year or just skipped a day due to a time zone change, we are now in 2012. We hope everyone had a warm and great Christmas/Hanukkah/Festive period and New Year. Still once again, it was snow less in the UK, what about where you are?

What the dickens? I hear you think… The Evil Jam made a post. We intend to do that more this year with News, Reviews and hopefully interviews. However it just depends what happens at home and how busy we may have been.

Our stockings were filled with new pieces that we’ll hopefully be writing some reviews for soon. I (Mark) got some CDs and DVDs and a couple of Blu-Rays including; Woodstock Remaster on Bluray, Spinal Tap on Bluray, Peter Gabriel’s New Blood on CD and Bluray. There were also others but not all were music related.

Mike got some new bits as well including: Nirvana Sold Out DVD, R.E.M Part Garbage Greatest Hits and The Essential Janis Joplin.

We’ll make posts as frequently as possible and are hoping to do some new sections and other things, some of those previously mentioned.