HMV Executive Reported as saying “CD’s will be in dead in 5 years”, Also Kate Bush New Record

The humble compact disc could stop appearing on shelves at HMV stores within the next 5 years, according to an article in (the always trustful source) The Sun which cohered with Executive of HMV Simon Fox.

“There will be a place for CDs, but it’s difficult to see out more than five years,” he said to The Sun. This news comes after reports of a slump in sales of the CD and at HMV stores. Earlier on in the year it announced it was going to close some stores after poorer profits than usual.

Kate Bush has also announced an album of new material after her earlier 2011 release of re cut and remade back catalogue songs. ’50 words for Snow’ is a 65 minute album on a backdrop of snow. Track list below as well as Deeper Understand from Directors Cut. Released November 21st.

Track list

01. Snowflake
02. Lake Tahoe
03. Misty
04. Wildman
05. Snowed in at Wheeler Street
06. 50 Words For Snow
07. Among Angels

(I really like the voice pitch manipulation in Deeper Understanding, it makes sense and is used for a reason! Considering the song was actually released 20 years ago originally, the relevancy to today is shocking.)