What Do Musicians Consider As Most Important When At A Venue?

Reverb Nation posted a rather interesting breakdown of 1900 artists thoughts on what they consider important when they are at a venue and put it into a cute little pie chart, because apparently simple percentages are too challenging. (Pessimism mode deactivated). Out of those surveyed the results were fairly interesting and justifiable. Quality of the venue was most important to a band, followed by cooperation and friendliness. Check out the breakdown below.

The Pie Chart Breakdown

Most bands would probably pick money high up on a live gig as bands typically make more on a live show than any record. In my personal opinion, I’d rather play to 100 really kicking and lively people than 100,000 half into people.

Makes me want to make my own little survey asking what artists want out of music or being in a band, maybe even what they want when they make a record. Perhaps there is some overlap between these results and my imaginary survey.

Sources: http://blog.reverbnation.com/2011/09/07/quality-beats-quantity-rndmn-survey-reveals-artist-preferences-for-venues/

(Sorry if this post has any major errors in it. It was a quick post!)