Welcome to the New ‘Evil Jam’

Welcome to the all new and shiny looking Evil Jam! We are still trying to get the kinks (no, not the band) sorted out. It may take a while until it hits a point where we are completely satisfied.

We hope this will help you follow our website even better, keep up to date with us and our content as well as bringing us into the 21st Century.

What are we hoping to bring? A collective learning experience. A new section called “Music News” (which will probably end up being known as just “News” as the “Music” bit is a tad redundant), has been added. It will feature more than your average music news (hopefully)! We’ll talk about all things big in the world of music, all things small, all things band related, all things instrument related. Small daily posts of the biggest news, or strangest or most interesting. We’ll try to cut down the crappy gossip that is infiltrating all the music scene.

Every thing we post will be on the front page as soon as it is posted and then can be found either by searching or using one of the Pages/Categories/Tags that we now have on The Evil Jam.

All the old content is slowly being uploaded and I’ll be creating a file that redirects all the old links to the new versions. This is just a precautionary, incase anybody has posted links from the old site they’ll now be on the new site. The content online at the moment is pretty much in full working order. The old stuff is still accessible but before September it should all be back online.

We also have an RSS feed you can follow, a twitter feed and a facebook page. Currently the Google Plus page points to facebook whilst we get to grips with the new Google Plus.

The new site also enables us to load content from a variety of places, either through the Admin Panel on WordPress or via email, on phone, or via carrier pigeon. Maybe not the latter. It means that when we leave a concert, we can immediately start writing a review and keep things posted.

We are looking for people to submit content as well, so if you want to please get in touch and click ‘Contact Us’.

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  1. Good to see TEJ back and better than before. Good to see it on a good open source software platform too. Heres to many more future exciting updates!

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