Paul Carrack Live In Liverpool

This is a review of the live DVD of Paul Carrack, which was filmed at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall in 2005.

Watching the DVD The picture quality is crystal clear and it up scales very well on my 42 inch TV using the HD 1080i system.

The first set is an acoustic set this along with the bonus features takes up one DVD. The second set is Rock and Soul orientated and takes up room on the second DVD, the second set is of course accompanied by more bonus features.


Acoustic set

If I Were You, this was better than the album version and it works really well as an acoustic version minus the electronic pop feel that the original had on the Mike and the Mechanics album Rewired..

Eyes of Blue, A brilliant version of the song which has that emotional edge for many tastefully played here live.

Don’t Dream It’s Over, A Classic Crowded House piece that is different to the way the Finn brothers performed it live.

Electric Set

Of course all of the Mike and The Mechanics pieces are a highlight especially when you consider that Paul and his musical director Paul Copley have put there own music spin on them to great effect especially the way Silent Running is performed complete with a Saxophone, but so are the following tracks.

Tempted, an absolute classic from Paul’s first time in Squeeze it still has that special feel and does not seem to date this is an excellent version.

How Long, another classic from Paul’s time with ACE this song has a better feel here and Paul’s arrangement brings this song up to date which was another treat.

Where Did I Go Wrong, this is a surprising song for me as it has an almost Reggae feel to it yet it works so well with Paul’s soulful voice this is most certainly a highlight.

Sadly, a song from Paul’s career which has started to grow on me “Satisfy My Soul” does not appear on this DVD which is a shame as it would have been a great follower in the set after “Where Did I Go Wrong”.


Paul Carrack DVD Cover

Front Cover (Credit: GO Entertainment)

Paul Carrack’s soulful voice is here in all its energy, Paul is also a multi instrumentalist and his talents clearly show with the various instruments he picks during various songs. The members of the band are visibly relaxed and it shows nicely that they are a highly gelled and tight band carefully backing Paul and paying full justice at his back catalogue and legacy.


Paul Carrack – vocals, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar, keyboards, piano
Dean Dukes – percussion and drums
John Robinson – lead guitar and backing vocals
Paul Copley – keyboards, samples, vocals, backing vocals, visual projections
Jeremy Meek – bass guitar
Steve Beighton – saxophone

Track List


Acoustic Set

My Kind
She Lived Down The Street
Running Out Of Time
Love Will Keep Us Alive
If I Were You
Don’t Dream Its Over
Eyes Of Blue
Nick Of Time
For Once In Our Lives


Electric Set

Another Cup Of Coffee
Beggar On A Beach Of Gold
Just A Little Lie
Where Did I Go Wrong
Silent Running
It Ain’t Over
The Living Years
Nothing To Lose
Make Your Mind Up
How Long
Over My Shoulder
Sniffing About

The choice of song’s give a wide introduction to Paul’s solo career as well as his time as members of the following groups “Squeeze” “Mike and the Mechanics” “ACE”, along with some of his work which has been recorded by non other than The Eagles.

The sound for the concert is available in Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 the latter of course sounds excellent with the right equipment and it gives the feel of almost being there.


The first disc features two interviews, the first interview is also a retrospective career biography for Paul Carrack it also covers recent incidents like the equipment theft and Paul’s views on contemporary music amongst other questions that he answers.

The next interview is with Paul Copley whom proves to be a man of many talents not only is he the keyboardist and backing vocalist he is also the webmaster and online shop manager for Paul as well as equipment technician and background visual’s co coordinator and co designer.

The second disc features band members being interview in two at time, with the following Dean and Jeremy, Steve and John. There is then a Sound check feature which includes Paul coming out into the foyer of the venue to meet fans and to sign items for the fans as well as posing with a few fans for Photos which I thought was a nice touch.

This is a great live DVD which showcases Paul’s many talents including find a great band to join and perform with him on stage. The DVD visually is in stunning quality and as mentioned earlier in the review it up scales very well with modern TV technology. The DVD is worth every penny in regard to the track list and the bonus features.

In my opinion the best places to buy this DVD would be from either the merchandise desk whilst Paul is on tour OR from Paul’s official website as these places have been proven to offer the best price.

For more information about Paul Carrack please visit his official website at