“Genesis In The Cage” – Live at Huntingdon Hall Worcester March 2007.

I got to the venue early enough to witness the sound check which I must add was fantastic, Los Endos was played note perfect and with real energy.

I got chatting to the crew, one of whom is GenTech on the multitudes of Genesis official and fan forums, his real name is Alec, and he really does know his stuff. I conducted an interview with the band and then I took my place in the balcony and the lights dimmed.

Genesis In The Cage (Photo Copyright Evil Jam)

The Instruments before the show

On the band came minus Trevor the lead singer, Henry Dagg started a familiar Mellotron sound which is the intro to Watcher of the Skies. On comes lead singer, Trevor in a costume with Bat wings just like Peter Gabriel all those years ago. Andy Smith on the drums giving out that Morse code like beat just like Phil.

The lights were used to good effect even though venue restrictions had meant that band could not use their lighting rig or thermal fog generators, so the effect was a bit diluted but Alec did his level best to solve this.

Trevor seems to become more comfortable with the audience and this showed when just after the first number he decided to have a chat and to lay down the obvious that if you have come for Invisible Touch you will be disappointed.

Genesis In The Cage (Photo Copyright Evil Jam)

The band kick into life Guitarist P Heron just out of the photo on the left

He then recited a story of a hermaphrodite thus signalling that Fountain of Salmacis was next. Henry on keys and Pat Heron on guitars played their parts so well in this song, The vibe was brilliant the climax even better.

Trevor then spoke to the audience again which also had a number of fans from the Official Genesis forum and the Fan forum run by Krissy. The lights dimmed again and then a spot light appeared on Henry, He started the infamous long but beautiful piano intro to Firth of Fifth, Shaun Hunt on bass doing extremely well during certain passages of the song. Pat did an excellent job on the Flute parts.

Genesis In The Cage (Photo Copyright Evil Jam)

Henry Dagg on Keys

The next song was a marked improvement to the performance of it I had witnessed at the bands previous gig in Chiddingfold at the Working Mens Club, One For The Vine which included the percussion filled middle bit this feature; Trevor on his percussion set up complete with timbales a cow bell, chimes and a cymbal.

Trevor did a great job and like the character in the song he led the band to glory as it sounded brilliant. He then announced the next song, saying it was about the ageing process which we will all experience; there was some light hearted banter and then Ripples started.

Pat really did shine on this one, the soaring guitar work was reminiscent of Steve Hackett, gladly the audience enjoyed it and none of them sailed away.

The next number was a complete surprised and a learning curve for me, I have seen Face Value, Regenesis and the Musical Box, along with G2 and GITC but I have never seen this song played and if Trevor’s information is correct Genesis have never played it live either, Can-Utility and the Coastliners. As it started I sat there and I took it all in, Shaun on the Moog bass pedals was utter class and the rest of the band just flowed like a well oiled machine.

Genesis In The Cage (Photo Copyright Evil Jam)

Shaun Hunt on the Bass and Andy Smith on Drums

Then it was the Interval, I had a chat with Alec who was intrigued as to what I thought of the show so far. I had to say I was surprised and happy with what I had just witnessed, we chatted about some other non related stuff and then the bells/chimes sort of signalled that we should return to our seats or in Alec’s case the lighting desk.

I sat myself back in the balcony only to look across and to see the forum members had relocated to the opposite balcony from the pews on the ground a few of them now had good vantage points to take photos from.


  • Watcher of the Skies,
  • Fountain of Salmacis,
  • Firth of Fifth,
  • One for the vine,
  • Ripples, Can-Utility and the Coastliners.


  • The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway,
  • Fly On a Windshield,
  • Anyway,
  • In The Cage,
  • Mad Man Moon, Suppers Ready,
  • Los Endos.


  • Trevor Garrad – Lead Vocals and Percussion
  • Pat Heron – Lead Guitar and Flute
  • Henry Dagg – Keyboards and Mellotron
  • Shaun Hunt – Bass and Rhythm Guitar
  • Andy Smith – Drums and Percussion

The lights dimmed again and another infamous piano intro was started by Henry, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway started with Trevor not dressed as a Puerto Rican punk but in a smartly addressed attire as if he was going to a business meeting this did not distract from the show though, The next number was again played to a brilliant level Fly On A Windshield sounded just right all the loud bits and quiet bits in the right spot.

Genesis In The Cage (Photo Copyright Evil Jam)

Shaun Hunt on the bass and Andy Smith on the drums behind him, Trevor hits a high note

The band where clearly enjoying themselves. Anyway started next; a bit surprising as there are other songs from the Lamb they could have chosen, but this was again played very well with the intricate piano parts sounding as delicate as the day they were recorded.

In The Cage, well the bands favourite number judging from the information on their Website, All of the textures and sounds recreated this song brilliantly.

Trevor appeared in his Imprisoned, or should that be Caged headwear and the song was complete.

Trevor spoke with the audience again and he introduced Pat’s Percussive Bottle Bank which was specially commissioned for the song Mad Man Moon.

Mad Man Moon started and this being another piece that Genesis themselves has never performed, so I knew I was in for a treat. The song was played with the precision I had come to expect from this band and they didn’t disappoint.

Trevor again spoke with the audience and he teased them a little. He also introduced all of the band members because he was sure he wouldn’t have the time at the end of the gig. There was some banter as to whether Trevor had enough time to retell one of the stories that Peter used to use before Genesis kicked off Supper’s Ready but there wasn’t enough time so the band started Supper’s Ready.

Supper’s Ready started again quite perfectly with the 12 string and the story of someone going off to start the battle between good and evil, admittedly my favourite part is Willow Farm but we will get to that in a moment. The band played the passages quite well actually with the dramatic pieces and moments sounding just that dramatic and the soft and gentile pieces sounding soft and gentile.

When the infamous line came about “ And Narcissus is turned to a FLOWER ! “, there was a slight pause as Trevor got into the Flower Head, but he performed this very well and I was really into it myself with Gutterflies and Flutterbies.

Genesis In The Cage (Photo Copyright Evil Jam)

A Flower?

The song progressed onwards and at the right moment and another costume change Trevor appeared as Magog complete with the Mask. ‘666’ was no longer alone and the audience where loving every moment. Trevor disappeared for another costume change and he emerged dressed in White to lead the audience and Forum members into the Holy Land.

A standing ovation followed with cries of MORE !!! The Band reappeared and Los Endos started. Trevor assisted again with the additional percussive elements and the band where in full swing, all that was missing was the thermal fog which is mentioned elsewhere. The guys did a fantastic job I for one would gladly recommend them to any fan of the 1970 to 1978 era.

Many thanks to the following,

Steve Puddick (promoter) of White Mountain Promotions White Mountain Promotion

Genesis In The Cage GITC

Alec Morris Lighting and Design Alec Morris

Please note; Pat Heron hardly appears in my photographs due to the position I was placed in by the venue staff, this meant that I was unable to take photos of him until the final bows taken by the band at the end of the gig.

To read the interview conducted earlier in the evening please click HERE