Turbowolf Single

Turbowolf originate from Bristol. The song “Ghost Hunt” was the record of the day back in December 2008

The first track of the single we is “Read and Write”. This is a flash of head banging alternate rock that blends into a groove which gets the body stirring.
The song contains an elegant balance of lead and rhythm that take centre stage at the perfect periods throughout the song. There is a riff; that is from a Synthesizer and dubbed over an electric guitar; which is quite prominent in the mix periodically throughout the song before the Guitar and Bass take on a rather Led Zeppelin mixed with a Jimi Hendrix feel this seems to be the more accessible of the two songs on the single.

The lyrics are not amazingly hard to learn but they flow well with the song and create a perfect balance of funk, rock and the future of music. One key issue I found with the song though is the drums. The drums are distant in the mix which really lets the song down at key moments where you want to raise your fist in the air and feel a huge crash or a thumping beat. The lack of power from the drums is the biggest issue with the song. Apart from that it is almost a perfect driving song – if you lived in America. Not for country side but for the long dusty roads of route 66.

If you like; Queens of the Stone Age”, Zebrahead and Rage against the Machine you will love listening to this as it is quite similar yet still able to carve out a unique feel.


“Seven Severed Heads” takes on a completely different role and feel it is very different from “Read and Write”. It starts of with Dirty Metal sounding chords which are repeated and then the song bursts into wild punk. The singer in places comes across like an young Robert Plant in places and then in other places the band sound like a rather fast Red Hot Chilli Peppers, alas the song is quite short at a one minute and twenty two seconds but it seems that this song is quite a fun and wild in places I’m still not quite sure what the lyrics are about though.


Turbowolf have gained a lot of interest recently and have recently announced that they will be playing at the well known DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL at Donington Park. They will also be playing; Bestival (Isle Of Wight), Nass, Stag & Dagger, Boardmasters & The Great Escape with more festivals and live dates to be announced.

To hear more of Turbowolf’s songs and to find out more information about the next series of gigs go to myspace.com/turbowolfband