John Hackett – ‘Prelude to Summer’

Prelude to summer is a rather ideal follow on from John’s previous work with his brother Steve in regard to Sketches of Sartie as well as John’s work with Sally Goodworth.

John’s ability as a flautist is shown here in great detail, but it does not swamp the proceedings, as the acoustic guitar is finely balanced within the whole album.

Some of the pieces could almost take a nod towards the composer Erik Sartie, but others are just too upbeat for any of Erik’s work thus I must assume that some of these pieces may have been influenced by Andre Segovia along the lines of Segovia plays Bach.

I did read on a forum on the internet that someone is of the impression that the collection of songs on the album would be suitable as pieces to accompany wildlife documentaries on the television I would almost dare say it that the collection of songs could accompany travel guides or documentaries. Although I could draw a similar comparison I would say in a positive light that I do doubt there is any intention from either John or the albums co producer Nick Magnus to make an album of library music, although that might be a future endeavour for them both as a team who knows?

I must say that the majority of the pieces on the album are of a relaxing nature.

The artwork is a nice feature especially as it an original piece of artwork from none other than John and Steve’s dad Peter. It is a rather lovely piece with a sailing ship in the background and a beach with a choppy sea in the foreground, although the sky could have been a summers evening a sort of calm after the storm.

What I would say about the album is that it is instrumental with a strong nod towards Flute and Guitar as is stated on the album artwork, please bear this in mind before you purchase your copy.

I must also mention Chris Glassfield whom plays the acoustic Guitar on the tracks that Steve does not play on, Yet Chris seems to be able to reproduce the style of playing that Steve has conquered on his own acoustic work as far back as Bay Of Kings.

Track list

  1. Prelude to Summer>
  2. Nippy Tune
  3. Duende
  4. Le Chat Noir
  5. Lonely Man
  6. Six-Eight for Starters!
  7. Love Lies Sleeping
  8. Closure
  9. Where Flowers Bloom Unseen
  10. Tomorrow
  11. Voices of the Sea
  12. Twilight Forest
  13. Ice Cream Waltz
  14. Flight to Seville
  15. Gaudi’s Dream
  16. Home
  17. Velvet Dusk
  18. June

    Back Cover featuring John

Highlights from this album are,

June It is a very soothing and melodic piece; It could conjure up in the minds eye a beautiful and warm month of June.

Prelude to summer This song opens the album nicely and sets the theme for the rest of the album, with the finger picking of the acoustic guitar and the beautiful flute playing to accompany the guitar it makes for a great partnership.

Tomorrow This song opens with a rather Mediterranean feel and it sets the theme for a lovely summer’s day in a valley, you can practically imagine a small village and a vineyard in the background. I would like to state that there is very nice guitar playing on this piece.

All in all I would say this album has a rather Mediterranean feel about it. A calm and refreshing sound very pleasant on the ears and although I have found highlights I feel that the whole album will grow on me with repeated playing.

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