The Asteroid Galaxy Tour – The Golden Age (Single Review)

Golden Age Single

The Asteroids Galaxy Tours new single arrived on the TEJ doormat and we were eager to review this single. We unravelled the simple packaging to unveil a crazy and absolutely outstanding front cover decorated delicately with female legs, money, feathers and peacocks as well as a skyline. It’s an intriguing piece of conceptual art that instantly gives you a feel of the ride ahead. However we at TEJ are not experts in the field when it comes to art, so we will get back to the music.

A crescendo snare roll thrusts you into a warm pop song where you are met with high piano chimes and jingles that really does show how pop music can still be artistic, even when it has been manufactured by a bearded man with a cigar hanging out his face.

The Scandinavian band have thrust themselves in the deep end of the new wave of artists coming from Europe however they are distinct from them and distinctly greater than any of the other acts (such as; Robyn, Royksopp and more). The brass sections are a familiar blast to the past, with the song almost a galactic fashion of a swing and Abba fusion.

Referencing the Rat Pack and Frank Sinatra (within the first verse) the golden age is a time 30 years ago according to this splendid number with the swing side being inspired by the 50’s. Other references included are in the video which contains elements of various historical nostalgia (Including gramophones, trips to the moon and “Star Wars”)

“The Golden Age” is almost a guilty pleasure except it instead marks a new milestone in Euro Pop.
As long as The Asteroids Galaxy remain a distinct act and the music charts do not become flooded with similar music then The Asteroids will have a great fan following and unique power over most acts that run rampant in the charts.

“The Golden Age” completely reinstalls a new meaning to “Pop” and creates a majestic and magnetic anthem that I’ll be humming away randomly in years to come. One of those songs that puts a smile on your face on the instant it is heard.

TEJ Rating 4/5

The Asteroids are also letting you experiment with their single. Have a listen and play around with this website and submit a remix of “The Golden Age” single. Listen to other people’s efforts or try something new and different.

You can listen to the golden age and watch the completely out of this world (Literally) video that accompanies it.

The single is available on the 7th of September and the debut album “Fruit” is in stores on the 21st of September.
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