Daryl Stuermer – ‘Go’

Daryl has released a new album titled GO, this album contains 10 tracks which are as follows

Striker, Masala Mantra, Greenlight, Dream In Blue, Breaking Point, Urbanista, Heavy Heart, Meltdown, The Archer, Omnibus

Daryl’s own solo career didn’t start until the major Genesis tour to support the 1986 album Invisible touch was over, thus Daryl released “Steppin Out” in 1987 and now 20 years later Daryl has released GO, although there have been a number of albums from Daryl in those 20 years, Live & Learn released in 1998, Another Side Of Genesis released in 2000, Waiting In The Wings released in 2001, Sweetbottom Live released in 2003, Retrofit released in 2004, Nylon String Collection released 2005 and the predecessor to GO, “Rewired” The Electric Collection released in 2006.

On this album Daryl plays Guitar and Keyboards he is joined by John Calarco on the Drums and Kostia on Keyboards, the Bass playing is shared between Leland Sklar and Eric Hervey, Eric plays on tracks 6,8,9 and 10.

Daryl and Leland have had a long working relationship working as Phil Collins guitarist and bass guitarist having met each other when Leland was invited to take on the bass duties on Phil Collin’s No Jacket Required album of which Daryl co-wrote three songs on it with Phil Collins.

The album starts with the track Striker this is a rather funky piece which far faster paced than some of Daryl’s other work, the keyboards push the song along nicely whilst Daryl’s guitar work in places could represent a future vocal but in this case it fits in nicely and adds to the song.

Daryl Stuermer (Photo Credit, InsideOut)

Masala Mantra doesn’t sound like Daryl at all it is in some ways very akin to the kind of work Brand X have done its very Jazz Rock Fusion in a way, even though the sleeve notes; steer the listener into a view point that its got Eastern or Far Eastern theme to it. It is a nice song though which is far more palatable than the song Striker, I would like to see this one performed live.

Greenlight this could also work with vocals, for someone with a history in Rock music more so, Daryl has created a song with twists and turns here, Moods come and go and the guitar is used to great effect never taking away from what is going on beneath it.

Dream In Blue This is a beautiful song and it could have been from the stable of Mike and The Mechanics it sounds so much like the kind of thing they used to do so well, Paul Carrack would make a great addition to this track. The steady but up tempo percussive beat keeps the song at the right pace for the mood of the track I wouldn’t go as far to say it is maudlin but it isn’t totally joyful either although it is another track I would like to see performed live.

Breaking Point This track has a vintage sound to it in places with what sounds like a Hammond Organ sound, what gives it away as a modern track aside from the occasional percussive effects courtesy of a drum machine, is Daryl’s playing which is meaty and powerful, in places like the work of Mike Rutherford but in other places far more expression and freedom than Mike has ever shown.

This track again could have benefited from vocals, although if it were to be performed live I think it would sound nice with the drummer higher up in the mix.

Urbanista This is a lovely track, although bizarrely it sound like the kind of thing Santana would do it has a Latin feel and favour which the track never seems to shake. The percussive effects on this add to the Latin feel of the track. Urbanista is a strong and driving track and worthy of a live performance.

Heavy Heart This is the jewel in the crown and perhaps the best track on the whole album, The everything seems balanced ideally on this track, Daryl’s guitar add a great deal to the track and they do not smother it unlike with some of the other tracks, This track most defiantly needs someone to record it with vocals, Although I do believe it to be too rocky for the likes of Paul Carrack, I honestly think Phil Collins could only use this song if Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford considered it for Genesis. Although Ray Wilson could do something with this track, I doubt there are many more vocalists who could do it justice. Daryl has written and recorded a winner here and if ever there was going to be a single from this album this song is the A side!

Meltdown Daryl returns to the Urbanista style here Latin is fused with Jazz Rock fusion again although its quite a nice, another piece that could be played live, it sounds like a Santana piece though so its hard to define it further as mentioned earlier though very similar to Urbanista.

The Archer Daryl uses that same drum machine sampled Tambourine on this track although, the keyboard and guitar shape the path and feel that this track has. This track could be utilised in a movie the track has that feel about it.

Omnibus Opens with a clumsy drum into, yet the rest of the track is played perfect with a great and steady pace, the drummer seems to push the track on in the right direction. The keyboards become more mystical in places and Daryl’s guitar is played beautifully with some good use of sustain. The drummer is allowed to solo in a few places and it shows nicely his skill.

For an album by a guitarist it is nothing like the work of Gary Moore or a Steve Hackett release, The album has a rather Santana feel to most of it which is nice if that is your thing. Daryl has written a nice album and used some very good musicians although how much they were allowed to contribute is questionable. Daryl has written an excellent track in the form of Heavy Heart which needs a vocalist;

Daryl has demonstrated that he has a feel and a skill although the main theme throughout the album was Santana and modern day Brand X, Although what Daryl might have been able to achieve with a different producer is a question a few listener’s will ask. Considering that Daryl mentioned in an interview that his Drummer can sing it would have been nice of Daryl to have given the listener a choice of hearing Heavy Heart with vocals and without vocals. Daryl’s previous production credits include the Phil Collins Jazz Big Band live album “ A Hot Night In Paris” which was exceptionally mixed and balanced, I just wish Daryl had carried on with that style of production when he mixed GO.

This album deserves to be performed live, whether or not Daryl gets that chance is another thing, strangely enough the other month Steven Segal toured the UK and he played small venues like The Warwick Arts Centre and I doubt his album sold millions.

Daryl continues to hone his craft and write music, this album is great and worth the price it is being sold at. Daryl is a breath of fresh air in a world filled with Rap music and horrible ‘get-to-number-one-quick-and-fall-by-the-wayside’ acts that record companies seem to want to invest in these days. Good on him!

Many thanks to Gary at InsideOut Music UK

For more information on Daryl please visit Daryl’s official website darylstuermer.com