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The World Is Yours album cover

I’ve been a Motörhead fan for a long time, so when I read that Classic Rock Magazine were doing a special limited edition fan pack release of their new album I ordered it as soon as I could. This was the first of their fan packs I’d received, although not the first I’d ordered (I’d previously ordered the Slash one, but it got lost in the post, and now they go for between £40 and £100, so I was a bit upset when that happened). I’ve already pre-ordered the next Classic Rock Presents

issue, which is Whitesnake’s new album Forevermore, expect a review here when it arrives.

The World Is Yours is their 20th studio album, released in what is their 35th anniversary.

When the Motörhead one finally arrived I was excited. Amazon had sent it in really over-sized packaging, which did at least serve to protect it in transit.

On the day of it’s arrival, I was feeling somewhat low for no particular reason, but when I played this album, that mood lifted somewhat, to the point where I was digging out other albums (including Motörhead’s No Remorse, Prodigy’s Invaders Must Die and Metallica’s Death Magnetic) to have a rock and metal afternoon/evening.

Onto the review itself then.

What you get:

  •     132 page Classic Rock Magazine
  •     Official Motörhead pin-badge
  •     Exclusive album artwork poster
  •     Full Motörhead The World Is Yours album

All for a cost of £14.99. Personally I’m happy with it, the album on it’s own is £7.99 on

The Album:

Motörhead - The World Is Yours (rear cover)

Rear Cover for Motörhead - The world Is Yours

Lemmy has, as anyone who hasn’t lived under a rock for the last 30 years lived life hard and fast, soldiering on where other mere mortals have fallen. Even into his 60s, Lemmy hasn’t lessened the intensity of how he lives the rock ‘n roll lifestyle.

The album opens with Born to Lose, a riff assault with thundering drums and Lemmy’s now legendary trademark growl. A real mean rock ‘n’ roll track. Sets the listener up nicely for the assault to follow.

Born to Lose invokes memories of previous hard hitting classic Motörhead tracks. A real foot and head mover. Gets the album moving and sets you up for what is to come nicely. That is you’re gonna be pummelled by fast, hard and mean hard rock ‘n roll.

I Know How to Die opens with a fast, pummelling riff. With Lemmy’s typical growl this packs a punch. I can see this one being good live and a crowd pleaser. Lemmy states in the magazine that this isn’t about suicide, but an extension of his saying ‘Don’t die ashamed’.

Get Back in Line is a song that is where Lemmy rages about the financial crisis. Lemmy barks out “Why do we vote for faceless dogs? we always take the bait/All things come to he who waits, but all things come too late.“ a real battle cry against those that run the world.

Devils In My Head is yet another powerful fast paced track that gets you going, with its powerful riffs and stomping drum beats. Lemmy‘s favourite on the album. Not about being possessed, but being up for 5 days and stumbling home apparently.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Music is a bluesy rocky number that is a war cry against pop and other dire stuff released in the ’charts’. Lemmy chants “Rock and Roll music is the true religion”, and he is right, Mr Gambaccini take note!

Waiting for the Snake opens fast paced and with a good beat to it. It continues to draw you in, fast paced, with good solid riffs. Lemmy claims to have no memory of where it came from, but likes it non-the-less.
Brotherhood of Man reminds me of previous heavy, stompy, punky growly Motörhead. Reminds me of Orgasmatron. Darker and punchier than other tracks. A real grab you by the scruff of the neck track. Clearly a dig at the greed of man.

Outlaw opens once again fast paced in typical Lemmy/Motörhead style. Feels a mix of punk, metal as well as a solid hard rock number. Certainly has a western feel to it Lemmy!

I Know What You Need pummels the listener with pounding riffs and a heavy fast drum lick. More stomping hard rock here.

Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye is a punchy, fast paced bluesy number. Gets the foot tapping merrily along to the infectious beat. About being “fucked over” by women according to Lemmy.

For me personally the following stand out on this album Born to Lose, Devils in my Head, Rock ‘n’ Roll Music, Waiting for the Snake and the first single from the album Get back in Line.

The Magazine:

Motörhead - The World Is Yours CR FanPack Magazine Cover

Motörhead - The World Is Yours Classic Rock Fan Pack Magazine Cover

The magazine is opened by Lemmy stating how honoured he feels to finally be recognised by the music media for Classic Rock Magazine to dedicate an issue to them and their new album after years of being ignored or criticised.

The Magazine features the following items:

  •     Exclusive interviews with band members Lemmy, Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee.
  •     Retrospective features documenting Motörhead’s history, together with exclusive photos and artwork.
  •     Contributions from Slash, Glenn Hughes, Joe Elliott (Def Leppard), Neal Schon (Journey), Mick Jones (Foreigner) and Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge).
  •     Exclusive official Motörhead metal pin badge.
  •     Reviews of the entire Motörhead back catalogue.

The mag starts off with a long interview with Lemmy, which is quite in depth and interesting, getting the thoughts of Lemmy on the history of the band, lack of commercial success, the movie of his life [Lemmy: 49% Motherfucker, 51% Son of a Bitch] and the value of the other members [Phil Cambell (guitars) and Mikkey Dee (drums)].

Then there are thoughts on the meaning of each song on the new album, along with a spread on the filming of their new single Get Back in Line and interviews with the other band members and producer Cameron Webb. Also features their views on the songs on the new album.

Also included is words from ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’s finest’ including Slash, Bill Byford, Steven Wilson, Glenn Hughes, Roy Wood, Scott Gorham and others. As well as these are archive interviews about Motörhead/Lemmy, a peice on his collaberations with other artists and archive reviews of all their previous 19 studio albums as well as the box sets, live albums and DVDs they’ve released over their 35 year career.

Overall I think the magazine is well put together and a very good accompaniment to the album and a great addition to any fans collection.

Lemmy and the gang are on fine form here. If you like previous Motörhead and indeed ballsy, growly hard rock played with conviction and purpose then you’ll love this album.

Long live Lemmy, for whilst Lemmy and Motörhead continue to pound out such rock ‘n roll we have an alternative to the frankly appalling trash that is called ‘Pop’, or the tripe from the X Factor.

Bottom line is this album got me grooving and put a smile on my face. That is all you need from an album really. I’m left wanting to see them live again (I saw them in 2005 at Download).

If you are a big fan of Motörhead then the FanPack is a must have really.

Rating: 8.5/10

  • Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister – bass guitar, vocals
  • Phil Campbell – guitar
  • Mikkey Dee – drums

Label: Future PLC/Motörhead Music
Producer: Cameron Webb
Track Listing:

Track Number Track Name Track Length
1 “Born to Lose” 4m:01s
2 “I Know How to Die” 3m:19s
3 “Get Back In Line” 3m:35s
4 “Devils In My Head” 4m:21s
5 “Rock ‘n’ Roll Music” 4m:25s
6 “Waiting for the Snake” 3m:41s
7 “Brotherhood of Man” 5m:15s
8 “Outlaw” 3m:20s
9 “I Know What You Need” 2m:58s
10 “Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye” 4m:04s
Total Length: 39m:15s

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