Dale Newman – ‘The Little Things That Matter’

The Little Things That Matter is the second album to be released by Dale Newman, It was released in September of 1999 and it was recorded down at Fisher Lane Farm in the area Dale named the Scrap yard.


  1. High Wire
  2. I’m Proud Of You
  3. Say That You’ll Lead Me
  4. Someone Else Like Me
  5. Measured In Ounces
  6. The Big Fish
  7. Frozen In Time
  8. The Grace Is Gone
  9. My Independence Day
  10. Canada
  11. Yesterday’s News

High Wire Opens the album, this being an instrumental track which is quite heavy on the keyboard part Dale wrote and recorded for it, and although there is an electric guitar in there its not very prominent in the mix of the song. Although Dale demonstrates his ability at playing the guitar and it’s a nice and tasteful track.

I’m Proud Of You After the instrumental, this is the first song on the album with vocals although starting with what sounds like a vocal warm up La La La La La La La. The Keyboards also come in as a brass section which works well in this context.

Although I am not sure what the song is about perhaps it’s a parent singing about there son/daughter with a bit of advice thrown in the line “I’m Proud of you” is quite prominent.

Say That

You’ll Lead Me Dale’s acoustic guitar work is in good use here, I am not totally sure what the song is about but it’s catchy.

Someone Else Like Me The keyboard opens this song with what sounds like a French horn sample which is quite tasteful,

It sounds introspective again as though the character in the song is a bit jaded or feels unappreciated but is willing to learn new skills all the same.

Measured In Ounces The song tells of the birth of a child (measured in ounces) and the song tells a story of the child growing up, a very nice guitar makes an appearance on this track.

The Big Fish Tells the story of a Big Fish in a big pond, a day in the life of a Big Fish, nice and vibrant tune.;

Frozen In Time a retrospective song with the character looking back to when they 17, a story about friendship or a relationship that had moved in different directions, almost a ballad and this could have been the single from the album.

The Grace Is Gone Another song about childhood, a rather fast hi hat pattern on this one.

My Independence Day An acoustic guitar opens this song (Dale is finger picking) I am not sure what the song is about but it has historic references such as my Dave Crockett Day etc.

Canada: This song sounds like the character is saying goodbye and moving to Canada, another introspective song.

Yesterday’s News A nice but sampled Tambourine is on this track nice vocals, the meaning behind the song is lost on me, but it’s a nice track to close the album with.

For more information about Dale Newman please visit his official site www.dalenewman.net