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All material on this music webzine The Evil Jam hereafter known as “TEJ” is published with the full permission of the author and copyright holders.

Other sites (unless permissions have previously been sought from the author and or originator of material) may state or claim that material bearing my name or likeness is exclusive to their site(s) this is not the case and indeed these sites are infringing UK and International copyright laws and may be subject to the full weight of the law of the United Kingdom if they do not cease such activity.

Please bare in mind that we here at TEJ are quite reasonable people, we will where possible endeavour to be open and flexible with requests to use material hosted here.

Permission must be sought and then granted, following on from that the materials must be credited to the source and or author/originator of the material.

 TEJ retains all rights to materials on this site with the following exceptions,

1) Material of a commercial nature provided for use on the site by record companies, and or its management who will always retain ownership.

2) Material in which the originator wishes to retain all rights but allows TEJ the right to use the original work for non commercial gain.

3) The originator and or provider must make it clear at the point when they offer material how they wish to proceed in regards to ownership/rights of use of the material they provide.

4) If your invited to an interview being conducted on behalf of TEJ you automatically forfeit your right to say no with regard to having your material on the site. It does infact become joint property of you the originator and that of The Evil Jam (TEJ). Although with this in mind you the originator of the material will always be credited for your work and are free to use your material even for financial gain something which TEJ will not be a party to.

We here at TEJ also will comply with these rules:

1) Ask permission for any images that we wish to use (that are not given as part of a press pack) for any article on this site. We will give a courtesy credit and try to link back to the original content where possibly.

2) We will try to credit the source of any news or particular information that we post upon The Evil Jam. We can not control the contents on the linked site and are not associated with it.

With regard to competitions rules must apply these are as follows,

1) When entering the competition please title your email with the Competition Title and then enclose your answer or answers if there is more than one question.

2) Only one entry allowed, any further entries from the same email address will be discarded.

3) Email all entries to the email address provided within the competition.

4) All winners will be picked at random (Unless stated otherwise).

5) The Editor’s decision is final.

6) No correspondence shall be entered into.

7) Winners will be notified and then details will be requested from them in regard to delivery address of the competition prize, the prize will never be posted to a PO Box address.

8) Prizes cannot be swapped or exchanged.

Mark Kenyon, The Editor of The Evil Jam, Coventry 1st October 2011

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