Radiohead Officially Tease New Album

Despite months of speculation and varying hype levels amongst Radiohead fans, today was the first sign for many that the new album is imminent. After announcing a series of headline festival dates and then a small solo tour to accompany the festival shows, many have been wondering when, if ever, the dreaded LP9 would be released.

Users on the Radiohead Subreddit and on Twitter began posting mysterious postcards received in the post. As seen below the postcards feature similar artwork that has accompanied recent posts online and the band’s social media profile.

The postcards have seemingly been sent to a variety of UK homes where people had previously bought something off the Radiohead store. Emblazoned with the ‘modified’ bear logo and featuring the words ‘We Know Where You Live’ suggests the band are gearing up to do a viral marketing campaign.

Postcard - (reddit user cpotey -

Postcard – (reddit user cpotey –

Burn the Witch is a teased but never performed track that existed at least since 2006, a song many have speculated as to when it’ll be released. Thom mentioned in a concert that they’d do it ‘one day, with the orchestra’ when requested by a fan.

In December 2015 Thom performed in Paris as part of two shows in support of the Global Warming summit between all nations. Silent Spring and Desert Island Disk were debuted and a slightly revamped version of another unreleased track The Present Tense. Recent news also leaked that Paul Thomas Anderson (director whom has worked with Jonny Greenwood on soundtracks for his films as well as Junun) has worked on a music video in LA with Thom Yorke that features ‘something to do with doors’.

There’s a swathe of songs in the Radiohead catalogue that have never been fully released and various whisperings have had fans speculating about what might appear on the new album.

Potential LP9 tracks

  • The Present Tense
  • Lift
  • Identikit
  • Silent Spring
  • Desert Island Disk
  • I Froze Up
  • Burn The Witch
  • Cut A Hole
  • Skirting On The Surface
  • Follow Me Around
  • Ful Stop
  • I Lie Awake
  • Wake Me (Before They Come)
  • Come To Your Senses

Of course a lot of these stem back from over the years, and the band might have resigned some to the ‘pile’.