New Releases: Ballpark Music, Ringo Starr, Jeremiah Brothers, Mishka Shubaly, Rytmonorm

A few days ago a million eyes got burnt by the sun for a fairly disappointing bit of astronomical interest. Today we move on and talk new releases.

Starting here is Rytmonorm, the one man project of Vagelis Korakas. Sampling and adapting the poem Speed Cranks by Andreas Emperikos, the track is reminiscent of Kraftwerk with additional lo-fi.


Australian’s Ball Park Music have had some big wins on the Triple J chart down under. Now they are preparing to visit Great Britain and Europe in early Summer to coincide with the release of their album in the UK. Out on the 1st of June, Puddinghead (a shakespearean insult) is the groups second album and a mature yet still oddly shaped album. The album was released in Australia last year to positive reviews. Listen to She Only Love Me When I’m There.

Puddinghead Tracklist

  1. She Only Loves Me When I’m There
  2. Next Life Already
  3. A Good Life Is The Best Revenge
  4. Teenager Pie
  5. Trippin’ The Light Fantastic
  6. Cocaine Lion
  7. Everything Is Shot Except My Friendship With You
  8. Struggle Street
  9. Error Playin’
  10. Polly Screw My Head Back On
  11. Girls From High School

Ringo is the last Beatle to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which is in time for his latest album. Being the first Beatle to release material post the group’s split; Ringo’s new album is his 18th and comes out on the 30th of March. The lyric video for the title song is below. With a thousand winks and nudges to his former band mates songs, the song trudges along at mellow pace. Check out the pitch perfect Ringo though, whose voice definitely hasn’t been viciously pitch corrected.

With 11 entirely new tracks the album utilises the talents of the All Starr band. Also announced is the release of the trade version of Ringo Starr’s photographic autobiography this September (retailing at £35).


  1. Rory And The Hurricanes
  2. You Bring The Party Down
  3. Bridges
  4. Postcards From Paradise
  5. Right Side Of The Road
  6. Not Looking Back
  7. Bamboula
  8. Island In The Sun
  9. Touch And Go
  10. Confirmation
  11. Let Love Lead

If gin and cigarettes could write folk songs it might sound a little like Mishka Shubably. Self described as an ‘anti-role model’, Mishka is releasing Cowards Path on April 20th. With an exclusive listen to the album before release, the songs are not party songs. With a very organic and intentionally un-modern sounding mix throughout, the almost murder ballad nature of the songs is a welcome break.


Watch the video for I Can’t Remember When You Were Mine here

Not a man for beating round the bush, with titles like Fuck Self-Control, Taxes & Jail, and lyrics like, “You’ve got your music industry douchebag boyfriend, and I’ve got soft porn…” Miskha’s music is akin to Nick Cave’s upfront attitude and rasp. The songs on the album are the antithesis of Neil Young, with all the wonderful delicacy and fraught hunched up bellowing rhythm that Young often employs. If you’ve ever found yourself staring into a brown bottle wondering where all the booze went and are holding none of the answers, Mishka isn’t providing you a refill or the solution, he’s providing you a tale that you can’t half agree with. You think you’ve had a rough week, Cowards Path is a great companion and release. Endorsed by the comedian and friend of alcohol Doug Stanhope you can buy the record from his site: