Blur to Announce Magic Whip

Update: This is actually happening, live feed at the bottom. See our news post.

A teaser in the ever reliable source known as the Sun newspaper suggests that Blur might be announcing a new album today called magic whip.

Blur MAgic whip questions

The Sun news piece features an a picture of an ice cream with mandarin letters, the top of which definitely reads as ‘Blur’.  The article claimed that the band last released an album in the Year of the Goat. Blur’s last new material Think Tank was indeed released in 2003, with a smattering of songs (April Fools, Under the Westway for example) being released since. This year is also the Year of the Goat, making it 12 years since a blur album.

The band had confirmed they had tried to play and record songs in Hong Kong, however these sessions were thought to have been unproductive due to the heat – allegedly. Jamie Hewlett, co creator to Gorillaz also confirmed plans that Blur had recorded tracks or at least been in the studio. This however could mean the recently reignited flame of Gorillaz might be delayed whilst Albarn is busy with Blur promoting a new album. If the Hong Kong sessions were finished up that would explain the Mandarin and neon signage on the front of the possible artwork.

I’m skeptical, but perhaps maybe. Updates will be added. Either way – hype hype hype.

Update – 13:46 This is really happening, happening! Twitter and facebook blur seemingly suggesting at 2:00pm GMT we will hear from the boys. Turns out the Sun was right.

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