Gorge #2 – No Jingle Bells (Ted Zed, HeIsAPegasus, MeWithoutYou)

Ted Zed is a 20 year old up and coming showman. His music is the antithesis of the popular ‘music head’ trends. Studying music at Bristol and hailing from Somerset, the electro indie fused Ted Zed is closest to Hot Chip than most other performing chart topper. Ted plays a lot of instruments and sings the songs to the tunes that are causing heads to turn. Listen to his latest song ‘I’m Gold’ below and buy it here. To find out more about Ted look up this Guardian piece about him from earlier in 2014.

HeIsAPegasus aka David Butler is a musician and singer with a tone so unique, and playing style of slack grunting staccato yet clean tone. His live act is one to watch and admire. Captivating audiences and holding their attention on bated breath, HeIsAPegasus delivers live what so many wish they could. His released tracks might not always feature the same raw range that his live performances do, yet they have a distinct lo fi quality and show someone absolutely in tune to what they want. His latest track Talons is one of the more uplifting in a way. Have a listen below.

An internet friend also showed me MeWithoutYou this week. Despite some describing them as a Christian Rock band, due to some of the themes and topics in their songs, they are nothing like that. They are Christian, but so is Katy Perry and yet she is definitely not promoting Christian Pop. Ten Stories tells the tale of a traveling circus with some of the coolest artwork to match. Here’s the full album.

A relatively short Gorge this week, however I’m gearing up for a huge playlist of tracks for the third issue. Keep tuned.