Gorge! – New Sunday Posts

This is Gorge, the official new name for all office charts things and new music discoveries. Essentially it sounded kind of gross and awkward, but also is just me gorging myself on lots of tunes.

Each Sunday I’ll put a post up of songs, artists, remixes, or versions that have been released or rediscovered during the week.

Today I’m starting off with XL Records Ibeyi. – Thanks to Andy for showing me these guys. I’m a huge XL fan but have been a bit out of the loop (I have heard the SBTRKT and FKA TWIGS records though). Ibeyi are Cuban twins who I will let you find out more about their history. These two songs I am particularly enjoying.

First is Mama Says performed on the Jools Holland show a month ago. The sparse piano, cajon and clicking with the twins voice have a wonderful quality that is very appropriate within the music scene at the moment. However they clearly have a lot of potential to deviate and progress, and I am so excited to see where they go from here.

Next is River, which has a Houdini inspired video. The girls are held under water for incredible stretches looking like they are being water boarded. This really highlights how having twins means they harmonise and sound like person singing against themselves. My only complaint is I wish the music felt more natural like the live performance on Jools does. The vocals seem a little too in pitch, and everything is a little too rigid without cause. Music does not need to be 120 bpm exactly for 5 minutes. More live adaptations will make these girls shine.

Next up is for my new review coming on Monday evening. Glass Animals have been my stand out act of this year. A unique take on Jamie XX sparse guitars, silky gooey rhythms and this undeniable distinct vocal from front man ??

The album has been out for a while, as has singles Pools, Gooey and Hazey. However this track is truly growing on me. This is Black Mambo live, a video with the most ludicrous of aspect ratios.

Portico have announced their debut is coming in March 2015. The group formerly called ‘Portico Quartet’ and then going through a line-up change, have put together themselves as an electronic 3 piece. The new material is a lot less ‘nu-jazz’ and more ‘post-dubstep’; if we’re throwing around some labels and genres. This particular song Bright Luck features Jono Mcleery, and definitely has a unique feel against a wave of electronic artists out at the moment.


There’s some bands and music I’ve been catching up on of late. Firstly is PIVOT, the album artwork you may recognise from background shots of IT Crowd.

Until next time – Gorge your heart out!