New Releases: Advent Calendar, Tepid Humour, Jingling Additions, Band Aid… it can only mean Christmas


Billy Corgan’s Smashing Pumpkins (at this point it is realistic to consider Pumpkins purely a Corgan lead project) will be release the second of a trilogy of albums. Monuments to an Elegy features Tommy Lee from Motley Crue on drums and is predominantly performed by Corgan and Jeff Shoereder. The album promises ‘guitars, guitars and guitars’ and early reviews describe the album as very ‘pop’ orientated. The album is out today, in Germany. The rest of the world will follow.


Monuments to an Elegy

Music Industry 3 Fitness Industry 1 is the oddly titled new EP from Mogwai. A collection of material and remixes, it was released on the 1st December and is available now.


Music Industry 3 Fitness Industry 1

In May 2014, legendary Jamaican singer Sizzla joined forces with Australian producer Mista Savona to release their seminal album collaboration, ‘Born A King’. This new album forms a companion piece for ‘selectors’ and DJ’s everywhere by combining new mixes, instrumentals and remixes that are ideal for club usage. This is out in January but you can Pre Order now


Born a King (The Riddims & Instrumentals)


Finding Fela is a film about the legendary king of afrobeat groove, Fela Kuti. It is a documentary/biography detailing the life of a man who used some of the most technical and brilliant rhythms as a platform for decrying the Nigerian government. A man who left a legacy that is finally getting the wider recognition it deserved.

Brazil 84  is the work of Phil Nibblock – a visual sound essay where Phil wrote the score, and filmed all the footage. It is an interesting idea, and probably quite an art piece. It’s essential an album with a concurring music video that have detailed and intricately framed shots of Brazil in 1984.

Truckfighters Fuzzomentary is a documentary that shows the Swedish group juggling their live shows in Europe with their daily jobs. It is an interesting look at a relatively well known (not super well known but well enough they can tour Europe successfully) and possibly an accidental commentary on the difficulties of being in a fully committed band in the 21st century. This is the case for many current bands, that strive to work full time on their music and touring with the sad reality that the dream is no longer a reality. It’s an interesting topic that could be discussed more.


A photo essay and collection that stems from touring with Leonard Cohen. On Tour With Leonard Cohen

For Vintage guitar lovers, traders, horders, and fretboard porn you will need this Official Guitar Price Guide . Effectively a wiki and ‘cheat sheet’ to the market of guitar.

The series of books by Mixerman has a new addition to the clan whose name takes inspiration from the Robert M. Pirsig classic. This is Zen and the Art of Recording – an inside look at recording practices from a source-centric position. Written with the musician or recordist in mind, Mixerman walks readers through the recording process, elaborating on various micing techniques and revealing many studio secrets. This guide also features instructional videos with full audio fidelity to provide both visual and audible demonstrations to the reader. With an engaging narrative infused with Mixerman s inimitable style, Zen and the Art of Recording is like no other recording book ever written.


Or you know, you can feed the world instead of your shelf space.