New Released: The Blackest Friday

One profound lyric that resonated with everyone who heard it was ‘Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.’ This black Friday we’ll understand that anti consumerism plea to hide with some releases out in the coming weeks or recently released.

New albums:

First up, Faust will be releasing their new album ‘j USt’ on the 28th (aka today). The group are pioneers of the Krautrock genre, however how will their latest release fair? Out 28th November (or today if we are technical)

In a few weeks the Sound track to Paul Thomas Anderson’s adaptationof Inherent Vice is out. Scored by Jonny Greenwood who he worked with on There Will be Blood and Norwegian Wood, the track list is a collection of material Greenwood wrote especially for the film and some otehrs adapted to it. By the way, for all the reliable paid reporters out their, no it doesn’t include Radiohead track Spooks. It includes the track Spooks as written by Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead. The band only ever played it live and it was possibly just a thing that Jonny showed them all for giggles.

Reissues are hot at the moment too, of course for fans around Christmas, that isn’t hard to see. It’s been 25 years since Pixies Doolittle first came about and personally was their strongest single release. This new anniversary edition features unreleased, released but hard to find and extra bonus things that are now commercially available for the first time. Their’s several packages available. Included is the demo version of the album and all material from that period, 2 full length Peel Sessions and other B Sides and unreleased tracks.

Finally, also to be released on 1st December is Bjork’s Biophilia Live. This is probably the final release with regard to the singers last release at present. With word she is working on a new album it will make a final resting place for a project undeniably ambitious, from phone apps, to tours and residencies involving bizarre and wonderful instrumentation.


Legendary producer Glyn Johns has a new book coming out that seems to be in a similar vein to Ken Scott’s biography, and for anyone who loves that it appear they would lust after this -cough- hint.

This is an analytical look at how and why music makes us feel. The hardest thing when reviewing is to accurately that emotion across and figure out what is causing it, what combination, singular, particular sonic quality causes the brain to act in such a way. It goes with most things in life, but with music in particular it has a conditioning that can truly create interesting feeling.


Something that I sort of missed earlier in the year was Pulp: A Film About Life, Death and Supermarkets. Following the group during their reunion up to their last home-coming date the film looks at the group, fans, and city that inspired a generation of post punk with bitter lyricism, astute realistic and frank themes.

The home media release has been out for a little while now and it is still on screenings in the USA at this time. (there are also copies on Amazon for £9)

Also out is Uprising Live, by Bob Marley. This live show is spread onto a 2 CD boxset and DVD of the entire performance. We’ve had a copy for a few weeks now but have yet to watch it due to other schedules. We’ll post a review as soon as possible.



Here’s a little stocking filler. Ampoids are tiny boxes of fuzziness that go great as a bizarre amp choice for a guitarist, or hard rock organist.