Weekly News Roundup: Politics, Party Tricks, Spam Spam Spam

A weekly dosage of churnalism in an amuse bouche size.

Peter Gabriel has been in the news twice this week. Firstly he and Ken Loach publicly (in an open letter to the PM) demanded a halt to arms supplied to Israel forces. After tensions in the region recently flared up, there have been many calls for further political action, and this is one of the most recent. The letter and petition rapidly gained over 21000 signatures and counting. Later, during a series of announcements in regards to the WOMAD festival, Gabriel predicted that Real World would easily sustain another 25 years. The comments come during a moment of turmoil in the record industry, where artists are finding they are able to self create and publish records, and there is far more variance in the charts. Gabriel also introduced a Hip Hop stage to the WOMAD festival, and promising more Latin American artists will be signed to Real World.

DOOM (sans MF) and Bishop Nehru have released another track from the upcoming announced ‘NehruvianDoom’ album. The collaborative album is confirmed for release on the 22nd/23rd of September. The new track ‘OM’ can be heard below.

Jack White is returning to form after some recent poor performances and a lukewarm reception to his second solo album. Whilst in Chicago the blues rocker performed an extensive career best set list, totally up to 33 songs. Performances of Blue Orchid, Entitlement, and Jimmy Hendrix’s Manic Depression. There were various other treats, rare performances and covers to contend with this post 3 hour long show, and many fans are wondering how can White top it. Either way, it may go down as one of those concerts you just had to be at in the rock tapestry.


Cover for Weird Al’s 14th Album ‘Mandatory Fun’

Finally, Weird Al Yankovic, after this music video shooting spree (as in filming, not the other kind) successfully got his first ever number 1 Billboard record. His fourteenth and potentially last album (his RCA contract is now fulfilled) also climbed to the top of the iTunes charts and became the first comedy album since 1963 to hit number 1.

Also the song referenced in the title is this by Bonaparte.

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Jack White delivers 33-song, three-hour set in Chicago, marking the longest show of his career