New Releases and Some Free Goodies: Del the Funkeehomosapien, Pixies,

Rapper Del the Funkeehomosapien has been working on a new album and on New Years Day it on Soundcloud to download… for free. Click the link to be whizzed away to preview and download the album.

Secondly this morning the Pixies unveiled EP 2 out of a possible 4. You can download it, order a vinyl or a bundle from their website. They all in conjunction unleashed this music video for AC/DC sounding Blue Eyed Hexe, featuring Terry Gilliam style stop animation and painted images like the old film manipulations.

Also some other free music from Bandcamp is this: GermanyGermany’s 1978, reminiscent of French House and Disco from the early 2000s with a touch of a swing and synth pop. A few other tracks from the album are also free to download and the whole thing can be purchased for $5. The French Canadian was recently featured on Band Camp’s front page after several releases.

Finally, Jim Guthrie’s recent album I also found and thought it might be interesting: It is loosely the soundtrack to Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery game, and so has a very spacious feel and does feel like game music.