News Roundup: INXS Over, Dave Grohl and Trent Reznor on new QOTSA album and more

Here’s a roundup of some of the big news events in the music world.

INXS have called it a day after 35 years. The band have been going since 1997, despite Michael Hutchence suicide. They have had his role filled by other vocalists. The band were on tour with Matchbox Twenty. Drummer, Jon Fariss, announced it at the end of the show of the tour. A statement after confirmed the band’s plans.

Dave Grohl was recently confirmed to be on drums for the forthcoming Queens of the Stone Age album. It was also noted on Reddit by Trent Reznor that he was recently working with Josh Homme on the album.

Blur have a new Boxset out for Christmas, or shall I say EMI on behalf of Blur. It includes the recent August live show at Hyde Park on CD and DVD plus some other live tracks from this year.

Bjork has a new music video out for ‘Mutual Core’. It is a more earthly version of All is Full Of Love at times. A mixture of real practical and CG effects, bizarre and twisted. There is also a behind the scenes feature that shows how they made the video.

Other new releases include the Rage Against the Machine 20th Anniversary boxset, the War of the World’s New Generation from Jeff Wayne. It features the current cast, judge at will.

Video: Björk – “Mutual Core”