Boxset Galore Gathering!

As we mentioned three upcoming box sets in the previous news articles (Michael Jackson Bad 25, Blur, and Elton John) we thought we would do a post on some other upcoming box sets or recently released ones with our opinion as to why it is worth splashing cash on some of these rehash(es). Also, some pleasant slant rhymes and assonance on this and the previous line.

Starting off with another 25th Anniversary addition is Paul Simon’s Graceland – from the press release:

“Commemorating the 25th anniversary of Graceland, Paul Simon’s groundbreaking album that continues to influence and inspire generations. Following its Sundance Film Festival premiere in the US, the Joe Berlinger-directed documentary Under African Skies, chronicling the creation and lasting influence of Graceland, it has its UK premiere at Sundance London. The documentary garnered critical acclaim on the film festival circuit with screenings at SXSW 2012, where it received an Audience Award, the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and the Sundance Film Festival. To help commemorate the anniversary and celebrate the indelible musical legacy of Graceland, this is a special Graceland 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Box Set with two CDs and two DVDs including the re-mastered original album, audio narrative The Story of ‘Graceland as told by Paul Simon, Under African Skies, documentary film with extended interviews, the original 1987 African Concert from Zimbabwe, three original music videos and the iconic Saturday Night Live performance of “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes”; replicas of an original Graceland poster, handwritten lyrics pad; deluxe 80-page book featuring new and archival photos and interviews with Paul Simon.”

All together the Graceland box set is around £90.

Roxy Music’s back catalogue box set is released in August. They almost gained bonus points for having new tracks on the album’s they should be associated with, as well as having 4 DVD’s to show the back catalogue in the highest audio quality format possible. Nonetheless, it seems EMI have had a change of mind and it is now all the albums (as originally released) with two CD’s featuring the bonus tracks. Oh, the 4 DVD’s; scrapped. It is still priced at £52 though. It is questionable as to whether it is worth it.

The Kinks have a BBC Live compilation Boxset. The Box set comprises all the performances from the BBC Archives and fan archives of BBC sessions with the Kinks. It is spread over 5CD’s and a DVD. This looks like an interesting box set for the die hard fans, but it is worth not that it seems that most of the material has been available elsewhere as the press release only states that the material has never been seen together in one place before. That does not mean it has never been available though. The collection comes together at £40.

T Rex’s Electric Warrior Boxset has been available since April in support of Record Store Day. The box set comprises a booklet (32 pages), 2 CD’s (half of unheard new juicy music) and a DVD of live versions of the tracks. The first disc also has B Sides and singles added to the end of the original album. For those who have not got a complete set of the material, it seems this is almost the best version that will be available. One customer on Amazon claims that it is still missing tracks. It is available for £35 (approx.)

James have amassed this for £95:

  • 8GB USB drive featuring all of the studio albums, plus non-album tracks and videos
  • Three CDs
  • DVD
  • 12” Vinyl
  • 16-page A5 booklet featuring personal contributions from each of the band members
  • 44-page 12”x12” scrapbook featuring previously unseen and rare photos, memorabilia, cuttings and many other items straight out of James personal archives including a complete timeline of James’s career annotated by the band
  • Four art-cards, four button badges and four sticky satin replica backstage passes “

PS: We here at TEJ are releasing our own box set called the ‘We own these CD’s supreme limited collectors addition with terrible remastering’ hence the thumbnail.