News Round Up: Holograms, More New Boxsets and Reunion Albums!

A quick roundup of some of the stories of the week, obviously, some stuff omitted as it was widely reported.

It seems that after the mad performance at Coachella, with Tupac Shakur being made into a ‘hologram’ (it’s not a hologram… It’s basically a pepper’s ghost but the media have mostly referred to the stunt as a hologram), the bandwagon and flood gates for more acts has been opened. After squashing tabloid reports of a Michael Jackson hologram show, it seems the speculation and ‘sources’ claiming deceased stars having new shows is on the rise. To add to the list is Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison. Allegedly, the estates are considering this. We propose – if there is any truth in it whatsoever – that they stop considering it now. It was a one off thing at Coachella; shouldn’t have to start bringing people back in some bizarre manner.

No Doubt’s new album is due in September. The band has been updating fans on the album’s progress and earlier this week confirmed the title. The album, released 25th September on Interscope, will be called ‘Push and Shove’ and will have its first single later in July.

Elton John is also joining the barrage of box set artists. His new box set, aptly titled ‘Classic Albums’ is probably the first of many box sets. It amasses the five albums he made between 1970-73. The box set contains no new material, and it seems there is not a Surround Sound version in the works.

Michael Jackson also is having a rerelease at the hands of Sony. In a similar manner to Thriller 25, the Bad 25 is an anniversary addition that compiles a remaster of the original album (please Sony, don’t compress it more), a second disc containing and a CD/DVD never before released Bad Tour Concert filmed at Wembley. It is on sale for £28. If you have cash to splash, there is a super deluxe box set. It is a Bad styled suitcase (with padlocks and leather) and an assortment of Bad Tour paraphernalia, reproduced faithfully with more to be confirmed. That will set you back over £100.

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