Radiohead and Jack White Collaboration in the works?

At Bonnaroo Music Festival last night, Radiohead front man dedicated Supercollider to the Blues Rock multi-instrumentalist Jack White. It was then that Thom declared that either the band or himself (he was shy on details) recorded something on Thursday. Thom promised that we’d find out more soon.

It would be reasonable to think that the band may release a vinyl together through Jack’s Nashville based Third Man Records as well as Radiohead’s current penchant for vinyl releases. All I can say is, I’m more than eager to see what it is.

PS: Sorry for lack of content lately, there wasn’t much news to post about that was not about a musician dying, it is sad, but we feel that each time someone like Robin Gibb dies it’ll be reported elsewhere multiple times. We’d rather post some news that people may have looked over or nobody else has posted, yet.