Earwormery – That song that is stuck in your head

Earwormery.com is a project to try and identify the causes and traits of ‘earworms.’ Basically they are pieces of music that loop endlessly in your head or get stuck in your head for reasons you can’t always explain.

The project is quite interesting as we were amazed that there was research into such a phenomenon.

From the BBC Radio 6

The term earworm originally comes from a translation of the German word ‘Ohrwurm’. It refers to the experience of having a tune or a part of a tune stuck in your head. Often a person experiencing an earworm has no idea why a tune has popped into their head and has little control over how long it continues.

We’ve been asking you for your earworms for a while now and sometimes we play them out on the show. You can still do this by using the handy form below.

Earworms are a really common phenomenon: A recent poll suggested over 90% of the population experience them at least once a week, so it seems like having the odd earworm is perfectly normal. Now Goldsmiths University have launched some serious research into our little wriggly friends, to find out more and to take part in the research just visit Goldsmiths website.