NewsRoundUp – Paul McCartney Album, Happy Monday’s Reform and More…

Paul McCartney New Album Kisses On The Bottom

Paul McCartney’s new album consists of a collective of covers and 2 original. It is being streamed on the link below.

Happy Monday’s Reunion

Whether you were into the band or a madchester fan or now, this is quite a big piece of news. Especially since Primal Scream and Stone Roses are currently busy recording new albums. What will the shows be like? Only time will tell.

Steve Hackett Digital Single & Tour of the UK (There might be a gig review!)

Steve and his band of Merry Men and Lady are off for a jaunt around the UK in February.

EMI exploit the catalogue of Pink Floyd once more.

If your a Vinyl Junkie and you like your 180 gram releases! The Wall announced on Vinyl!

ABBA dig the archives to find an unreleased track…

Gorillaz New Track

Dimension crossing group Gorillaz have worked with Converse shoes on the ‘Three Artists One Song’ project and drawer of the project Jamie Hewlett designed a Converse Shoe. About the song, Murdoc (The Satanic Bassist) tweeted yesterday: “Mmmm…what I need is a nice long bath, a chilled Brompton Cocktail and a playback of my new Gorillaz track. “3 Artists – 1 Song”? Could work” and today:Actually, this is the best collaboration I think we’ve done really. And the other artists don’t even know they did it! Is that wrong?”

Maybe this single and some other new/unreleased songs from the ‘Plastic Beach’ sessions might get an album akin to their previous Demon Days and D Sides combo.

Other News (That we’ve missed or overlooked): Black Sabbath got back, Tony has cancer (Get better soon!) and the new album is going ‘back to their roots’, Jane’s Addiction did a video, Michael Stipe got angry at Youtube whilst Nickelback dealt with haters on Twitter, Def Leppard are still touring as well as Maiden and some other things happened. Blah. We’re going outside.

Happy Birthday Phil Collins! “who is a Great Drummer too!” (Editor)